Here are Some Benefits of Exercise:

More of a stress buster

Burn more calories

Ensures better sleep

More of recreation

You don't have to deal with the morning rush

Is it a good idea to Exercise before bed?

YES,  scientists say that the brain is very active after a workout, and your body temperature is up, which can make it tough to fall asleep. They found that the body's metabolism seems to adapt better to a keep-fit routine in the evening or night-time. If you are one of these people, simply make sure that your exercise is over two hours before your bedtime.

Yoga or Physiotherapy? | By Jasrah Javed (PT) | NEED A PHYSIO

Yoga Physiotherapy

Why is evening the best time to exercise?

While most people say mornings are the best time to exercise, according to many fitness experts and surveys, exercising in the evening post-work hours is a great way to burn fat and also relieve you of stress and worries.

Evening workouts are often considered to be positive alternatives for those who want to begin or maintain an exercise routine and make the time to add some physical fitness at the end of their long busy day. 

Is it better to eat dinner before or after a workout?

Dinner before a workout is not a good idea. But if you can eat it 2-3 hours beforehand to allow time for digestion and absorption of nutrients. Otherwise, a snack before working out in the evening may suit you better. It should consist of carbohydrate for fuel, some protein, and very little fat.

The Verdict:

However, aside from all the research, the one thing that all scientists would agree on is that the most important thing is exercising, no matter what time of day. But at least now you are hopefully better informed as to which time of day may be best for what you are trying to achieve, be it banishing the fat, toning up, or just for general health and fitness.

"The time you choose for a strenuous workout is crucial in determining its effectiveness."