Dr.Charles Godfrey | 100-Year-Old Doctor Still Practising | NEED A PHYSIO

Charles Godfrey

Charles Godfrey was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but his family moved to Toronto when he was seven months old. His father was a physiotherapist who encouraged Godfrey to study medicine. He served in the Canadian military for five and a half years during World War II and qualified as a physiotherapist while serving.

After the war, he enrolled at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, paying for his schooling by working as a janitor and scrapyard worker before graduating in 1953. In 1956, he studied neurology at Oxford University on a McLaughlin Fellowship and became a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1958. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1962 and his Masters of Arts in 1975, and he was studying for his Ph.D. in the late 1980s when he was in his 70s.

After returning from England in the late 1950s, he became director of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Toronto East General Hospital. He subsequently worked at Toronto General Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital, and the Toronto Rehab before joining Wellesley Hospital's rheumatic disease unit, ultimately becoming head of the hospital's rehabilitation clinic.

He was a professor in the department of rehabilitative medicine at the University of Toronto for over two decades.

(Video Courtesy: CBC News)

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