On that afternoon I got my semester results which turned my life. I didn't just fail but…”

                   I come from a simple middle-class family. I remember the shortage of money being a constant theme in the house. My dream is to become a Neurosurgeon, I worked hard and secured good percentage in my Board of Intermediate Exams. With the same enthusiasm I prepared for medical entrance exam but this time I  was lucky in my bad luck. I took a deep breath and went for it again, the second attempt was unlike the first, even having a good score couldn’t get admission can’t blame myself either can’t blame our reservation system.

FAILED FAILED FAILED… this slammed me very badly, I hated in being that situation.

“To us, you are still the college topper. There are still some colleges that you will get into”  My best friend said

New Life…
With my parent's suggestion, I joined into Physiotherapy in a well-reputed college. The Interest in medicine made me join Physiotherapy. Most had come to achieve their middle-class dream- A Better life. Meanwhile, I prospered reasonably well in studies. Studying physiotherapy satisfied my dream to become a Doctor. Living a simple and happy life with new friends, new places, hangouts made us closer. It began then helping each other made us more than friends. Everything looked beautiful but slowly my studies went down. 

On that afternoon I got my semester results which turned my life. I didn't just fail but  failed myself.”

Failing in semesters got habituated. Even the environment is almost same with my fellow mates that made me less concern about my career. Life started taking its chance, it was a severe blow to my life that evening I saw my name in detained list.

In college, I was treated like a culprit and my crime was failing in exams. That point in my life almost killed me, literally. Tried all my ways in convincing the administration but it didn’t show up minimum concern. I felt very bad because the administration couldn’t treat their students as their children. After several trials, I was out of my college.

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